Captain Cat's application


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    Captain Cat's application

    Post by Captaincat on Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:51 am

    Basic Information

    IGN : Nekosencho

    Age : Three and a half

    Time Zone : CAT (Central African Time)

    Character Information

    Total Level :

    Primary Talent / Class :

    Crusader Skills / Level :

    Application Question

    Did you read Submitting An Application and the Guild Rules?

    How sexually active would you consider yourself on a scale from 1-10?

    What previous guilds were you in and why are you no longer with them?
    Dogs - I didn't fit in, surprisingly.
    FeralFerrets - I felt quite at home for a while, but minor differences made us part ways.
    FaZe - Full of very weak members that couldn't do any guild activities, so I left.
    Mangoose - For three months they thought I was one of them, but eventually I was found out and kicked.
    goD - A guild full of trickery and lies, I left after a couple weeks.
    M33rk475 - A criminal gang full of scammers. I got out before they were busted by our lord and savior DevCat.

    Do you know anyone from Athanasy? If so, who?

    What can you contribute to the Guild?
    Is 20$ ok?

    Do you have any particular in game goals and if so what are they?
    To have the the largest (by mass, Kg) collection of Cat Paw Bell Clubs in the entire city of Detroit.

    If you had to describe yourself in 4 words, what would they be?
    Can't Understand New Technology

    Do you have Discord and a Microphone? (Microphone not required but we do use Discord chat and call)
    Microphone? It seems that you guys are still not aware of the satanic illuminati secret societies that use microphones to establish control over the masses, so let me enlighten you.
    Microphones might seem like pretty cool gadgets at a first glance, but don't let that misguide you guys. What you don't know, is that secret luciferian societies have quite recently devised an ingenious plan to take control over the unsuspecting masses. All major microphone manufacturers have been infiltrated by satanic worshipers and vast quantities of the electronic devices are compromised. See, you probably haven't even realized this, but the fiendish worshipers can take your voice and control your mind through the third phase of consciousness matrix. Now, that might sound really bad, and it is, but majority of affected don't even realize they are being controlled.
    Let's take a simple stock photo that I found via my favorite search engine Bing and examine it, so I could prove to you guys that you are not safe.

    Now that might seem like a standard microphone, but don't let your eyes fool you. Using the tri-electronic magnificator, tuning in to the consciousness matrix and bypassing both, the first and second states of consciousness, I can manipulate the image to display what is actually there.

    It might be difficult to see to the untrained eye, so I'll magnify and enhance the red wave length to make it easier for you guys to tell what's there.

    What is that you might ask? Well it's the satanic symbol of the pentagram, of course. This microphone is injected with luciferian black arts that brainwash the unsuspecting users. So don't be fooled guys, check your microphones for any satanic influence, or better yet, destroy them through the holy selection. It's pointless trying to contact the media to make this more public, they are already affected by the mind control and won't even pay attention to you. Spread this message to all microphone users, we have to inform the masses before they succumb to this demonic illuminati secret society.

    Anyway, I've got Discord. It's pretty cool.

    Not a real application

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