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    Guild Rules

    Post by Verland on Mon Jan 04, 2016 1:53 am

    Guild Rules

    Guild Members Come First.

    • Your first priority will be your fellow guild members.
    • Guildies always get first invites to SMs, Lords, etc.
    • When selling something ask guild first.

    Chat Privacy

    • Anything said in guild chat stays in the chat.
    • All discussions to non-guild members about conversations had in guild chat is strictly prohibited.
    • This also includes any programs created for the guild. (Unless you are the creator of the program)

    No Scamming/Scammers.

    • No explanation required.

    No Spamming Chats.

    • Also Self-explanatory.

    No Drama

    • There's enough drama outside the guild so please keep it friendly inside.
    • If there is any guildie-to-guildie conflict let me (Verland) know immediately.


    • Be willing to do what is expected of you.(Within reason of course)


    • Any inactivity for 2+ weeks without notice will not be tolerated.

    Any violations of what is mentioned above will be grounds for expulsion from the guild.

    (Every member is required to donate 100k gold to the guild every week. The gold is ONLY for things the guild can use as a whole and does not benefit any specific person.)

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